Access Control Systems

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  • Control System: Card Based Access
  • Access Control: 4 Door
  • Low maintenance


To help you determine the best Access Control system for your needs, here are the types that are currently available:

Stand-alone systems: Do not require any type of infrastructure or connectivity, the Access Control terminal itself has the memory and the capability to manage users. These entry-level systems are usually limited by the number of users which can be stored and generally don’t allow for scheduling. One or two entrances can be controlled. They are ideal for small shops, offices, warehouses, etc. with a maximum of 30 registered users.

A variation of stand-alone systems is telephone entry systems. These systems provide the option for a guest to call up to a resident so that they can remotely open the door for them. These types of systems are generally found in apartment buildings and they effectively act as an automated doorman who screens guests and determines who is allowed in or not.

Managed systems: Are networked and connected to a central software application from which users are administered, hours and calendars are controlled together with entry permissions. This allows security personnel to not only restrict access but also monitor who entered a particular access point and when they did so. These systems usually provide authorized personnel with a keycard that not only allows them access to a particular location but also allows monitoring of when they entered or exited there.

Managed systems also allow for system-wide monitoring and complete audits to be produced showing who entered where and when. These functions, when combined with CCTV surveillance and intrusion can offer very high levels of security at relatively low cost; for organisations of up to 2,000 employees.


Corporate systems: Offer a complete web-based, multi-platform, multi-site software management system which can parameterize many different types of entry requirements. These solutions allow for seamless integration with third party systems: CCTV surveillance, intrusion, vehicle access, intercoms, alerts, messaging, asset management, cyber-security (mange both physical and logical access), time and attendance, tele-assistance, etc.

Determining your security requirements will aid your choice of access control system for your organization. It is better to install the system that meets your needs rather than having to pay for features that you will not use. If you’re unsure as to how to assess your security requirements, you can consult with experts who will inspect your premises and make recommendations.

We at ChamsAccess pride ourselves on our knowledge of both Access Control & Time and Attendance Systems and we offer our expertise to our client-base to assist with their consultancy work and projects