Video Door Phone

Audio video door phones are becoming the de rigueur in residential complexes, office buildings, as well as bungalows. The technological advancement in the multimedia and its systems such as camera sensor and video coding and decoding have made it crucial for current day security solutions.


  • Touch Screens: This is a prominent feature to consider. They make the system user-friendly as well as stylish too. Touch screens are less complicated and allow effortless operation.
  • Capture Images: These door phones are also capable of capturing images of your visitors. You can use these images for recording keeping.
  • Storage: While buying a video door phone, you need to look for high storage. Since the memory chip will store the images and footage, it is crucial to consider this feature important.
  • Hands-free calls: If you do not want wires and look for free movements, get a system with hands-free calls feature. Also, make sure it can record calls for further record keeping or requirement.